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What To Do If You Have A Florida Violation Of Probation, House Arrest Or Community Control Arrest Warrant Or Notice To Appear During The COVID 19 Pandemic In 2020 – Step 4

Step 4: Your Background Information Report is more important than ever

A Background Information Report is also known as a Fact Pattern Report because you must write down each and every fact and circumstance that we need to know about your case.

Many people blow them off. Why? They are hurting emotionally and they want a lawyer “who will listen to me. They want frequent contact in some cases, but all want to vomit out their story and vent the upset and emotional stress in order to feel better.

No, thank you. We are counselors at law, not mental health counselors. Your legal team needs to be sharp as tacks to help you. Getting sprayed with emotional vomit as you regurgitate the story almost never focuses on crucial facts we can use, but exposes us to mental damage that can hurt your case.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

Day 1: Use a computer or keyboard with a tablet and begin typing anything & everything that comes to mind. Print out what you have written and put it in a folder with a pen and the folder on your body. When additional things come back to you, put the notes in the margins to add to your report later.

Days 2-4: Keep putting notes in the margins until you are done, edit the draft in your computer or tablet and get it to us.

The Point: Much of what you will write will be worthless to us. Keep writing. We would rather have 500 pages of single-spaced lines to read rather than five sentences scrawled on a piece of paper. If only one sentence means you don’t go to jail or prison, that’s a major win. 

CAVEAT: You may not have anything we can use in your report, or you may have a complete defense. There is no way to know beforehand and no lawyer can make a guarantee about an outcome. 

TIP #4: Read a few pages from “Reawaken the Giant Within” before you start writing anything. This is part of our protocol, “Coping with Stress During Criminal Prosecution”. 

Here’s the link to the free ebook: https://core.tonyrobbins.com/atgw-ebook/



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