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  • If you are seriously interested in hiring an attorney, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to familiarize ourselves with your situation and help you build an effective work plan.
  • In some cases, a warrant is required because certain elements were not committed in the presence of a law enforcement officer. In others, no warrant may be needed.

Whether you are being investigated or have been taken into custody, clearly ask to speak to an attorney instead of simply remaining silent. This provides the highest level of protection from unlawful questioning.

  • The maximum penalty in Florida for a misdemeanor is up to one year in jail. The maximum penalty for a felony can be life in prison or a sentence of death.
  • Jail is posted at the local jail and held until the defendant has appeared in court on all charges. Various fees and costs are subtracted and in some cases, no bail bond money is returned.
  • The state of Florida offers the option to be released from detention without posting bond as long as you legally commit to attend court for the duration of your trial.
  • Unlike when the firm was founded, in today’s world only 1% of cases go to trial. You will most likely have the option to settle your case according to a plea bargain, reject any offered plea bargain and appeal directly to the judge, or go to trial.
  • We have decades of experience fighting charges in the courtroom and negotiating favorable settlements including negotiated dismissals.
  • If your case is dismissed or you are acquitted, you will probably qualify for an expungement of your state of Florida criminal history. Ask about digital erasure and FBI records on your next consultation. These are different.
  • Two words: courthouse surprise. Somewhere in Florida, someone either is about to or has just tried to handle their case on their own and received an unexpected jail sentence.


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