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Florida Law Directory: Helping You Find The Right Attorney For Your Case

June 29, 2015

There are countless reasons that a person might need an attorney. Perhaps it is a matter of personal injury, a criminal case or a civil case. It might be a simple and straightforward divorce or a more complicated lawsuit involving a serious and potentially permanent injury. Regardless of what the case involves, you will need to find the right lawyer to represent you and your search should begin with the Florida Law Directory.

The Florida Law Directory lists all practicing lawyers in the state with divisions and subdivisions showing specialty as well as any exclusions, exceptions or other facts that would make it easier for you to make your selection. For instance, if you were looking for a criminal defense attorney, you would read that section of the Florida Law Directory for the listings of the defense attorneys in your area in price range and see which have the credentials that you feel are important. For some people, only the very best will do, so they will want to find an attorney who is recognized by the state bar association. Very few attorneys actually have this designation, and Cobb Law Firmis one of the very few that have been recognized in this way.

Before you make a final decision regarding your attorney, make sure that you keep several things in mind:

  • Is this the best attorney for this type of case?
  • Is this the best attorney that I can afford?
  • Is this the best attorney in the local area?

The Florida Law Directory makes it easier to narrow down your selection from the thousands of lawyers in the state. After you find the right type and right area, it will be up to you to make the selection of the best attorney for your personal case. Read any reviews that are posted about each one. See if they have a website and if so how well done is it? Does this Florida defense attorney offer a free consultation? Many do, but there are restrictions to the type of case they will do this for. Others may offer free consultations on all cases that they handle. Speak to the attorney in general terms at first; you want to make sure you are hiring the right person for the case before divulging all of the pertinent facts. Once you have satisfied yourself that this is the right criminal defense attorney, you can move on to discussing the retainer and other associated fees.



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