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Dress Instructions For Florida DUI Court

How you look and dress for a court appearance – even if you are only in front of a judge or prosecutor for a single moment – can greatly affect your case.  These instructions are the product of years of research, and they are not my opinion.  These Dress Instructions have been proven to be effective by numerous scientific studies.


Solid Navy suit, single breasted

Black belt

Black lace up dress shoes

White shirt

Regimental style tie (striped evenly)

No earrings or tattoos or facial hair

No jewelry other than a wedding band

Short hair, but not a ‘buzz cut’ or ‘skin head’ hair cut


A conservative dress coming below the knees.  Navy is preferred.

Close-toed shoes of medium or flat height

No jewelry other than a wedding set or band and a plain, unadorned, gold cross necklace (no hanging Jesus crucifix).

Wear neutral colored hose

Whether you are a man or a woman, you want to look like you just left a conservative, protestant church.  You do NOT want to look trendy or flashy.

Anyone sitting with you should be dressed the same way.

One final note: These dress instructions for court are never popular.  They don’t have to be.  We want the best possible outcome for you and these dress instructions help us help you.  The simple truth is, people judge each other based upon appearance.  This includes friends and family members who sit with you in court.



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