Top 5 Ways You Can Injure Your Legal Rights In An Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

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When you have been charged with committing a domestic violence offense in Fort Walton Beach or Destin, you can expose yourself to serious legal problems and harm your case’s chances of success if you make poor decisions along the way. Not only can some of these decisions increase your likelihood of a conviction, but some of them can lead to other charges as well. An experienced Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer’s advice is invaluable when you are charged with a domestic violence offense, as he or she can often either prevent you from committing any of the below-mentioned mistakes or mitigate the damage done by any mistakes you had already committed.

In light of the above, be cautious of committing any of the following five “mistakes” in your Okaloosa County domestic violence case, as follows:

  • Mistake #1: Admitting to having committed domestic violence. Domestic violence cases often begin with the investigating officer meeting with the reporting party / victim as well as the alleged perpetrator in order to get “both sides of the story.” Oftentimes, the suspect will want to explain his or her side of the story to the officer and, in doing so, will admit to having hit, grabbed, punched, or otherwise committed a domestic violence offense against the victim. This admission – even if given in a context suggesting you acted in self-defense – can be used against you.
  • Mistake #2: Violating a no-contact order. If the court orders that you not have any contact with the alleged victim, it is in your best interests to abide by that order and not have any contact with the victim. You should also instruct family members and friends not to contact the victim on your behalf. Any direct or indirect contact you have with the victim while a no-contact order is in place can quickly land you back in jail. This is true even if the victim initiates contact with you. If you are ever in doubt as to whether you may speak with or visit the victim, you should consult with your Fort Walton Beach domestic violence defense lawyer.
  • Mistake #3:Becoming angry with the victim in court or with officers. It is extremely easy to become irate and upset with law enforcement and/or the victim in a domestic violence case, especially when you have been falsely accused. As much as possible, you should attempt to remain calm and polite with officers and not lose your temper. Remember that society’s attitude toward domestic violence is very “pro-victim” and any aggression, anger, or other “bad behavior” can be later used against you at trial.
  • Mistake #4:Attempting to dissuade the victim from appearing in court. If you attempt to dissuade the victim from appearing in court or otherwise try to persuade them not to cooperate with the prosecution, you can easily find yourself charged with additional felony charges for tampering with a victim. It is okay if the victim wants to speak with the prosecutor about dismissing the charges on his or her own initiative; it is not okay for you to be the one to suggest this to the victim.
  • Mistake #5:Not hiring the right Destin domestic violence defense attorney. Domestic violence cases are deceptively complex: they are not a suitable case for a Fort Walton Beach attorney who does not have extensive experience defending individuals charged with these offenses.

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