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Should You Just Plead Guilty And The Case Over With?

What Should Be Done If Someone Wants To Plead Guilty And Get The Case Over With?

Do it with a lawyer and do without going to court. This eliminates the risk of courthouse surprise.

Knowing how to use weak defenses in a weak case to achieve maximum results is a key distinction most defense lawyers struggle with and virtually all lay people can’t achieve.

Most defense lawyers don’t know how to do this without going to court several times and disrupting a client’s life. But most lawyers aren’t criminal law specialists, either. It can be done in a way to minimize client inconvenience, because I’ve done that for years.

If you’re looking for legal counsel to help get the case over with quickly, that can certainly be done. You don’t want to run the risk of missing defenses and/or stumbling into more severe punishments. I’ve got a case right now where someone was sitting on the fence about hiring a lawyer, only to find out that he would have been popped with 45 unexpected days in jail if he had gone to court by himself. I’ve managed to shave 15 days off so far, I’m fighting for zero, but this just goes to show what could have happened.

When someone has a DUI arrest, they are often seek to have the charge substituted for reckless driving. Without proper legal representation, that isn’t going to happen. When we are able to get that result, our clients don’t have to plead guilty, be fingerprinted, photographed and embarrassed publicly in front of 200 people in a courtroom.

So, if someone wants to get their case over quickly, they should hire a Board Certified criminal law specialist. They will have the option of settling their case in writing, with more control over their life.


People are advised to use the free resources that their attorney provides to help them deal with the stress of criminal prosecution. Many law firms treat the clients like case numbers. People are people; they aren’t case numbers and what they are experiencing inside, the emotional pain and upset and the family disruption that goes on when someone has been arrested for a DUI, lawyers need to address that. The office of Stephen Cobb put together an entire protocol for people to handle stress during criminal prosecution for a DUI. They don’t charge a dime for it and it has helped literally thousands of people get through the process without losing their minds.

However, the best way to handle a case is to hire competent legal counsel and allow them to prepare and file smart legal pleadings. It’s very important as an attorney not to come out of the box too aggressive. In the rural and suburban counties, being overly aggressive in defending DUI cases can blow up in the client’s face, not the lawyer’s. It’s also important not to come out of the box too passive. The best way to come out of the box is to be smart, so the pleadings are filed smartly.

Attorney Stephen Cobb has every client spend four days preparing a fact pattern report. The fact pattern report is important because if the client fails to tell their attorney something which is extremely important for the case, due to any reason, they could end up in jail. The best way to gather information from the client is to do thorough research and get the facts straight. They then get a discovery exhibit which will take two to three weeks. From there, they can compare the fact pattern report from their client to the discovery exhibit as well as any other types of evidence that can be examined such as body cam information. An attorney would look at all of the evidence in a case and then answer questions with certainty for their client.

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