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Located in the Florida Panhandle near Tallahassee, Wakulla County is an area replete with national and state parks and protected areas. In fact, a large portion of the county is taken up by both the Apalachicola Forest and the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. Despite the abundance of natural areas, the county still maintains a solid population of just over 30,000. The county seat is located in the unincorporated town of Crawfordville where you will also find the Wakulla County Courthouse. Although the small stature of the county might fool you, criminal prosecution can be just as severe in Wakulla County as it is in Miami. Thus, it’s important to enlist the services of a competent Wakulla County criminal defense lawyer.

It’s a common fact that no one wants to experience the court system in any capacity, but it’s also unavoidable in some situations. If you have incurred criminal charges in Wakulla County, then a Wakulla County defense lawyer is a vital component of your legal defense. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide you with expert legal representation in Crawfordville and throughout the state of Florida. They specialize in Florida law meaning they can represent clients from the biggest cities all the way to the smallest towns.

Indeed, Stephen G. Cobb, the creator of the law firm and a qualified Wakulla County criminal defense lawyer, has worked throughout the state with many different individuals facing criminal charges. He has spent over 2 decades of his life assisting the people of Florida with their legal defense. In fact, he has lived his entire life in the state of Florida, even attending and earning a law degree from the notable College of Law at Florida State University (just to the north of Wakulla County in Tallahassee.

If you’re facing prosecution at the courthouse in Crawfordville, then you likely know what’s at stake. Your future is on the line and only a professional Wakulla County defense lawyer can prove to be an effective help during this stressful time. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide you with that help for a wide variety of different criminal charges. The firm has experience working with cases involving any of the following infractions:

If any of these charges have been levied against you, then you will obviously need to know how to combat them. A call to Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can get you in contact with a legal professional who will provide you with a plan for defending you against charges and restoring your good name.

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