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Union County Criminal Defense Attorney

Union County, Florida is the smallest county by land area in the entire state. It also maintains one of the smallest populations for a county in the state at around 15,000. It is a mostly rural county and is, perhaps, best known as the location of the Union Correctional Institute (a state prison facility). The Union County Courthouse and seat of government is located in Lake Butler which is where any and all criminal trials in the county will take place. The threat of going to the Union Correctional Institute might not be imminent, but you will still need a qualified Union County criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

Most people in Union County might think that they live in an area that high-profile law firms won’t give a second thought to. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm sees it another way entirely. In fact, they are more than willing to offer you a capable Union County defense lawyer. Stephen G. Cobb created the law firm with the idea that all of Florida’s residents should be provided with adequate legal representation. The law firm can certainly provide that to you, even if you’re facing prosecution in Lake Butler.

Not every can call themselves a qualified Union County criminal defense lawyer, however. Stephen G. Cobb has spent his entire 2-decade career working with clients throughout the state of Florida on a number of different issues. Criminal defense is obviously his forte, and he has spent much of his life fighting for the rights of defendants all the way from Pensacola to the Florida Keys. Of course, residents of Union County certainly fall under that range of protection. This is largely because many of the laws that apply throughout the state of Florida will still apply in Union County.

So, the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide makes them uniquely capable of providing you with a Union County defense lawyer. The law firm has also taken on a number of different cases ranging from assaults and battery to DUI. Other criminal charges that the law firm has a familiarity with include:

Obviously, if any of these charges have been levied against you, then you will likely be in a predicament. Navigating the criminal justice system is no easy task and it’s something that naturally lends itself to a high degree of stress and confusion. While a qualified legal professional won’t eliminate all of the stress, they can provide you with a solid framework off of which to mount your defense. The lawyers at Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm also have an intrinsic knowledge of procedures and laws associated with Florida criminal courts. Putting your trust in a professional is far and again more logical than leaving your future up to chance.

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