Suwannee County Florida

Suwannee County Criminal Defense Attorney

Suwannee County is one of a set of rural counties in the north-central part of the state of Florida. It is home to just over 40,000 residents and is one of only a few rural counties in the country to be bisected by two different interstate highways (I-10 and I-75). The county is about equidistant from both Tallahassee to the west and Jacksonville to the east. The county seat is Live Oak where the Suwannee County courthouse is also located. Any judicial proceedings for the county will take place in the courthouse in Live Oak. If you are facing a judge in Live Oak, then you’ll certainly want a Suwannee County criminal defense lawyer on your side. Some of the criminal court proceedings that take place in Live Oak include:

  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile

The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida can offer you a qualified Suwannee County defense lawyer who will provide you with expert legal representation no matter what criminal court you find yourself in. Finding adequate representation is always key to your future success, and the professionals at the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can certainly help.

A Wealth of Experience

Stephen G. Cobb created the law firm with the intention of providing Florida residents and visitors with solid legal representation. Although Suwannee County might not have its name up on any marquees, its residents still deserve proper legal defense. Cobb can perform as a Suwannee County criminal defense lawyer for those facing prosecution in Live Oak. His over 20 years of experience can prove to be highly beneficial for anyone under the legal system’s thumb.

Indeed, it’s rare to find a Suwannee County defense lawyer and a criminal defense law firm that have this kind of experience. Cobb is eminently familiar with Florida law, having lived and worked in the state for his entire life. He also earned his law degree from Florida State University, which is an indication of his dedication to the state. He can apply his experience to any number of criminal cases, drawing on old occurrences and keenly understanding any new situations.

The law firm has worked with a number of different clients throughout the state on cases that involve an array of criminal infractions. Indeed, the law firm is willing and able to work with clients facing criminal charges like assault and battery; robbery and theft; lewd and lascivious behavior; interference with custody; weapons and firearms charges; DUI; domestic violence; and forgery. If you are facing any one of these charges in Suwannee County, then it’s important to understand your rights and what you can do to combat these charges. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can use their experience and expertise to help produce a more favorable outcome for you.

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