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St. Johns County Criminal Defense Attorney

Located on the northeast side of the state of Florida, St. Johns County enjoys a close proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Jacksonville. It is home to just over 190,000 residents many of whom live in the northern part of the county near Jacksonville. Even so, the county seat is located in St. Augustine near the middle of the county. No one wants to have to face criminal prosecution, especially in an area as pristine as St. Johns County. If you do face prosecution, then you will likely experience judicial proceedings at the Richard O. Watson Judicial Center in St. Augustine. A qualified St. Johns County criminal defense lawyer is someone that can help you through this obviously trying time.

The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can offer a St. Johns County defense lawyer to those standing before a judge in St. Augustine. The law firm works throughout the state of Florida in all different counties, and their expertise ranges to northeast Florida, as well. Obviously, many of the laws that affect other parts of the state are still applicable in St. Johns County, and the professionals at the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm will understand exactly how to navigate the judicial rigmarole in St. Augustine.

Stephen G. Cobb a qualified St. Johns County criminal defense lawyer and lifelong Florida resident—has spent his entire career working with individuals charged with criminal infractions in the state of Florida. Indeed, he has spent over 20 years representing clients from all walks of life throughout the state. He earned his law degree from the prominent College of Law at Florida State University in Tallahassee. During his time as a criminal defense lawyer in Florida, he has seen a variety of different cases and will be able to offer each of his clients a unique attention to detail. Some of the criminal cases that Cobb and his associates have taken on include charges like:

If you have incurred any of these criminal charges, then you need to understand the severity of your situation. You also need to know what rights and legal recourse you have as a defendant. A skilled St. Johns County defense lawyer can offer this information to you while also providing top-notch legal representation.

Although being charged with a criminal offense is a stressful occasion, the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm strives to put your mind at ease. Navigating the criminal justice system on your own is inadvisable at best and dangerous at worst. Don’t leave the rest of your life up to the whims of a court. Contact the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm today.

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