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Leon County Criminal Defense Attorney

Leon County, Florida is the second-largest county in terms of population in the Florida Panhandle behind Escambia County. It is located on the east edge of the Panhandle and is home to just over 280,000 residents. It is also home to the state capital of Tallahassee which serves as the county seat of government.  The county is ostensibly home to one of the most educated populaces in the nation as both Florida A&M University and Florida State University reside within the county’s borders. Even so, criminal court proceedings are rarely discriminatory and you might find yourself in front of a judge at the courthouse in Tallahassee. In this event, you’ll obviously want to employ a qualified Leon County criminal defense lawyer.

Defense Lawyer With A Link To Florida

Stephen G. Cobb founded the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm as a way to help any and all of those facing criminal prosecution in the state of Florida. He has been defending clients for over 20 years and has traveled throughout the state representing many individuals in need. He is a lifelong resident of Florida and actually received his law degree from the Florida State University College of Law located in Tallahassee itself. Thus, he has a special attachment to both the state and the county where he was educated.

He can also act as an experienced Leon County defense lawyer. His two decades of experience have exposed him to all manner of different criminal cases. He has represented clients facing charges ranging from forgery and interference with custody to domestic violence and robbery. Everyone deserves adequate legal representation no matter what criminal charges you have incurred and the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide you with a top-notch Leon County criminal defense lawyer.

Legal Representation Is A Must

Although Leon County has some of the highest rates of college graduates per capita, not everyone is capable of providing adequate legal representation for themselves. The legal system is often a confusing arena that is not particularly generous to defendants. A quality Leon County defense lawyer can certainly mitigate some of the fears that criminal prosecution will naturally bring on. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm has worked with clients undergoing DUI charges, assault and battery charges, lewd and lascivious behavior charges, and weapons charges.

Navigating the legal system alone can feel like you are drowning above water. No one wants to face a judge when they have had their good name sullied by criminal charges, but it is a definitive fact of life. If you want to avoid some of the stress associated with criminal prosecution, then you should contact the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm today.

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