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Situated near the southwest corner of the Florida peninsula, Lee County is home to over 618,000 residents. Of course, it is a location that is very popular with non-permanent residents and tourists who are eager to enjoy the warm weather and sandy beaches even during the winter. The county is virtually bisected by the Caloosahatchee River which serves to separate the county’s two major cities: Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

The county seat is in Fort Myers which sits on the south bank of the river. It’s also the location of the Lee County Justice Center where any judicial proceedings will occur. Finding yourself before a judge in Fort Myers might be daunting, but a qualified Lee County criminal defense lawyer can make the process just a little bit easier to swallow.

The Law Firm Of Experience

The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida can provide you with an experienced Lee County defense lawyer. In an environment that seems to be inundated with high-rise condos and hotels full of carefree travelers, the severity of a criminal court trial can seem to be lessened. But, despite the fun that Lee County is frequently synonymous with, there are unique ramifications to criminal prosecution in Fort Myers that make a Lee County criminal defense lawyer vitally important.

Stephen G. Cobb founded the law firm over twenty years and has been practicing in the state of Florida ever since. In fact, Cobb has spent his entire life in the state and has an intrinsic knowledge of how the law works. He knows exactly what kind of rights you have as a citizen of Florida. He and his staff are also willing to help those who don’t call Florida their permanent home. With a population that tends to balloon in the winter months, Lee County is often home to more than native Floridians. If you need legal representation, then an experienced Lee Count defense lawyer is someone you’ll want on your side.

In fact, the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can represent clients who have incurred a variety of different criminal charges. Some of their most prominent cases involve charges like:

If you find yourself under the thumb of the Lee County government, then you’ll definitely want someone on your side who has seen virtually everything. The state of Florida has plenty of unique laws, but Stephen G. Cobb and his associates are well-quipped to handle virtually any case. Don’t leave your future up to chance by relying on the court system to provide you with a defense lawyer. Contact the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm to provide yourself with adequate representation today.

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