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Highlands County is the most-densely populated county in the Florida Heartland. Located on the Florida peninsula’s southern edge, Highlands County is home to almost 100,000 people. It is perhaps best known for its plethora of lakes including Lake Placid and Lake June in Winter (a nod to the area’s consistently warm climate.) The county seat and largest city of Highlands County is Sebring and is also where any and all legislative and judicial proceedings occur. Although the area’s idyllic weather might provide the area with a permanent summer, criminal activity is an unfortunate reality in Highlands County as it is in other parts of the state. Florida law imposes harsh penalties on people who are convicted of crimes, so it is important for anyone facing a criminal case in Highlands County to retain legal counsel as soon as possible.

A Law Firm Qualified To Represent People Accused Of A Variety Of Crimes

The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm specializes in criminal defense representation and can provide you with a competent Highlands County criminal defense lawyer. The law firm was founded by Stephen G. Cobb, a lifelong native of Florida and an experienced lawyer with an intrinsic knowledge of Florida law. The law firm practices throughout the state of Florida, from small towns to major cities. By retaining an experienced lawyer, people who are accused of crimes can help ensure that their case as favorably as possible.

With 20 years of experience, Stephen G. Cobb is certainly a qualified Florida attorney and a skilled Highlands County criminal defense lawyer. When choosing an attorney, experience is one of the most important things for legal consumers to consider. Many aspects of practicing law are best learned through experience, and Mr. Cobb has litigated over 10,000 cases since he started practicing law in 1990. Some of the kinds of cases that the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm regularly handles include the following:

Anyone facing a case involving allegations of these or other kinds of criminal offenses should contact an attorney as soon as possible. It is very difficult for people who do not have formal legal training to navigate the legal system and to mount a successful legal defense.

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Having a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer on your side is critical for anyone facing allegations of criminal misconduct. To schedule a free consultation with experienced criminal defense attorney Stephen G. Cobb, please call our office today at (850) 669-5882 or send us an email through our online contact form available here.

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