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Located in the Florida Heartland, Hendry County has a relatively small population of residents who generally lead low-key lifestyles. With no major interstates or metropolitan areas, one may believe that Hendry County does not have an issue with criminal behavior. However, many residents find themselves facing a judge in the criminal court in the town of LaBelle.

Anyone who has received a criminal citation or charge in Hendry County should seek the assistance of an experienced defense attorney who understands the criminal process in the area. Stephen G. Cobb handles criminal cases all over the state of Florida and knows how the criminal justice system works. He founded the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm with the goal of providing individuals in any Florida county with the highest quality of criminal defense, so please do not hesitate to call today for help.

Handling A Variety Of Criminal Cases

Every criminal case is different, so you want an attorney who knows how to defend the particular charge that you are facing. Stephen G. Cobb has over 20 years of experience handling many different types of criminal cases involving the following:

These are only some examples of cases that Stephen Cobb handles on a regular basis. He knows how to defend against such charges and protect your rights in every case.

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A strong criminal defense is vital for anyone facing criminal charges, no matter how minor those charges may seem. A defense attorney can work to fight the charges and have them dismissed or can significantly limit the penalties you may face. Individuals rarely have successful results trying to fight charges on their own, so please call Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm for assistance today. Stephen G. Cobb is a certified criminal trial law specialist, which is the highest recognition bestowed on Florida criminal defense attorneys. Call our office today at (850) 669-5882 to discuss how we can help you.