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How To Cope With Stress

Introduction : You and your family member are more then a mere case number. The Florida criminal justice system often doesn’t care about what is happing inside of you and your loved ones. We do. After all :

People don’t care how much you know, until you care.

This simple philosophy has guided me for several years. We care about what is happing inside of you as you undergo this process, the support material below has helped many people overcome the emotional roller coaster prosecution causes

Most of the books below are available on cassette or CD at your local bookstore. Personally, I favor the CD’s because they can drive around with me all day long. You may prefer books: I actually use both because they impact me differently

One final note :people who use the support material handle their cases- and their lives- for more effectively the those who don’t

First start

Get the edge – Anthony Robbins (order this CD set and Robbins research international will send you personal power II free of charge. contact tonyrobbins.com

Notes from a friend – Anthony Robbins (a short yet powerful book

The seven habits of highly effective people –Stephen covey (this is one of most effective audio series I know of. It is especially helpful for people who tend to worry excessively. Also available in paperback.) for teenagers, the seven habits of highly effective teen – seen covey (teen love this book and they get a lot of it)

Life strategies – Phil McGraw (available as a book, cassette, or CD; Oprah’s trial strategist doesn’t pull any punches. If you like someone who just tell it like it is, Phil’s your man

The magic of thinking big – Dr. David Schwartz (a timeless classic great for those who have lost hope. Available as book cassette or CD}

The relationship cure John Gottman (I have noticed over the years that criminal cases can cause a slight bit of marital discord.)

The four agreements- Miguel san-ruiz (most people beat themselves up. This is destructive and such behavior negatively impact their case . ( Available as a book, cassettes, or CD.)

Unlimited power- Anthony Robbins (change your life NOW!)

How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie (I use these techniques in life, and in the count room)

Ruby – Ruby Ruettinger (ruby overcame so much. More then movies.)

Rich dad poor dad- Robert kiyosaki (Financial challenges often lead to stress, which often leads to a visit to my office; Do you really think people hire me because things are peachy? You know the answer, and so does Robert. The best financial investment you will ever make. Available on cassette, CD, and Print.)

Unless the power within- Anthony Robbins (By far the best seminar I have ever attended. Want to change something In your life? If you are serious, this is the event to do it. Contact Tony Robbins.

Your minister, your doctor, AA/NA or even your therapist (this takes absolute guts. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is overcoming that fear.

One Final Note : Help yourself and help your case by helping your life. Yes I ask people if they have used the support material. If we agree to take your case, you will be expected to read at least one book and listen to at least one CD series. Obviously, we cant force you to use the support materials. However, if having a hard time dealing with the stress of criminal prosecution three months from now, I won’t have to ask if you have been reading and listening, I will know that you have not. Yes, support material makes that much difference- I have seen the result in thousand of cases

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