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How Important Is Trust Between Legal Counsel And The Client?

The bond of trust between attorney and client is critical. Some people confuse that bond of trust with friendship. They want their lawyer to be their friend. They want to call and chat on a regular basis in order to get reassurance. The best defense attorneys are not “call-and-chat” lawyers. Top defense attorneys are “get up before the sun rises and get to work” lawyers. A criminal law specialist focuses on producing outcomes. Having the experience, skill, ability and trust of his clients is critical to being an effective advocate on their behalf.

Yet people do need comfort. The stress of criminal cases is enormous; one of the top five stressors you can have in life. This is why we have an entire system to help people with the stress of criminal prosecution.

Do You Offer Military Personnel Payment Plans?

In most cases, the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm does offer payment plans to active duty military personnel without regard to rank. Like all criminal defense lawyers, they prefer to get the full fee upfront. In criminal law, a full fee upfront is the norm for two reasons. One, criminal defense lawyers hate payment plans because they are lawyers, not accountants. They just want to practice law without having to hunt for payment records and review whether someone has paid their bill every time they have a court date coming up or the client calls asking for an appointment.

Most people asking for payment plans don’t realize that lawyers do this and most people do not know that a criminal defense lawyer routinely offering payment plans may reduce the quality of the legal work. The person who pays a full fee upfront goes to the front of most lawyers’ minds and the person on a payment plan goes to the back because about 80% of all payment plans in criminal defense end up in default. That’s the second reason why criminal defense lawyers hate payment plans: default rates are extremely high – despite the heartfelt promise to pay on time. Large numbers of people who’ve been arrested, charged and prosecuted will promise to pay but don’t.

However, with active duty service members, the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm does offer payment plans in most cases for a military client. They know and believe these clients will pay. The military makes it so they will pay, so that gives less concern. I’ve never had a military service member on active duty who didn’t pay for a legal fee. This is why they do offer this service.

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