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DeFuniak Springs, Sandestin and all Florida state criminal law cases originating in Walton County Florida

The courthouse for your Walton County case is located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. As noted elsewhere, all federal criminal cases are handled in federal courthouses, such as the district court in Pensacola, Florida. The criminal defense lawyers and attorneys of our firm only practice state criminal law, and are much more familiar with the local state courts which constitute the bulk of criminal cases in Florida.


If the arrest or incident which led to your Florida state criminal law case was anywhere in Walton County, north end or in south Walton County, your case will be litigated in the courthouse located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. There is a South Walton County Annex, which is being used more frequently, but not usually for criminal cases.

Thus all Walton County, Florida state criminal law cases have your arraignment court (formal charging) and all other criminal law proceedings at the DeFuniak Springs Courthouse downtown. This courthouse was recently expanded and updated to become a secure judicial facility. Lawyers and Attorneys usually have identification which allows them faster access in order to shorten the lines and speed up security checks.

The Walton County Jail is located about one mile from the Defuniak Springs, Florida, courthouse. NOTE: The jail has moved and is no longer located next to the courthouse.

Cobb Criminal Defense Law firm routinely handles Walton County criminal cases. Many of our clients are not from the local area, and we use technology and creative motions and procedures to reduce the burden of multiple court appearances. This prevents several hours of driving, the cost of airfare, and other travel expenses, not to mention time away from family and work.

Many of the court appearances that you could attend would involve sitting around – possibly for several hours, often being told to return in the afternoon – and your lawyer would speak for about thirty seconds, you would get a another court date, and nothing would be accomplished.

Many people find this hard to believe. After practicing criminal law for well over a decade and a half, we expect this burdensome, waste of time. As one judge summed it up several years ago, “that’s just how it is down here.”

So we will do everything we can to avoid the complications caused by court appearances that result in no benefit to you. If, and when, it is time to be in court, we will let you know where, when, what time, what to wear, and what to say – or not.

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