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Your Clients Need Digital Erasure Now More Than Ever

You did a great job and your client’s case was dismissed. You promptly followed through with a record expunction. However, there is one collateral consequence where you are probably failing your client: Digital Erasure.

EraseMugshots.com has announced that they have created a new privacy solution that enables people to remove personal information from the internet. They are there to help people restore their privacy by removing personal information, including criminal records, from 30+ services where people can complete background checks.”1

Think about this for a moment: is your law firm equipped to erase social media leakage, booking photographs, and other negative Internet data about your client’s case? Can you offer complete satisfaction and a 100% satisfaction guarantee? If you are laughing at this point, you aren’t alone. Virtually no law firm has the technological know how, staff or resources to provide this kind of service.

Yet from a client’s perspective, your law firm is expected to provide this kind of solution.

Is this a realistic expectation? Not really. This type of thing is an “out of court” issue outside of the scope of traditional legal representation. However, you can provide this type of collateral consequences resolution without any increase in overhead.

EraseMugshots.com uses state of the art technology to remove everything from mugshots to negative social media posts from search engines. Although businesses and graduate/professional schools should not be using Google searches for hiring and admission strategies, the reality is, many of them do.

For example, a former client has paid good money for legal representation and a record expunction after an arrest for Minor in Possession. But after graduation have trouble getting into graduate school or have trouble finding a job. Perhaps they do find a job, but their career begins at a lower rate of pay than expected.

One of the main reasons they hired you and your firm was to prevent such things from happening. Until this year, you couldn’t provide this service. Now, with EraseMugshots.com you can provide a much needed service for your clients without incurring any overhead. Each client will contact EraseMugshots.com and their case will be evaluated. All fees for Digital Erasure and CRM are between the company and the client, so you won’t have a time cost.

You don’t have to talk to your clients about Digital Erasure and you don’t have to recommend EraseMugshots.com. However, I discuss Digital Erasure with every client who retains our law firm, and you should, too. Today’s clients want more from their lawyers and law firms, especially protecting their online presence after something as life damaging as a criminal arrest.

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/remove-personal-information-internet-erasemugshots-200000343.html 1Learn More About EraseMugshots.