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When And Why Should Someone In The Military Hire Civilian Criminal Defense Counsel?

First and foremost, you’re never going to get the best plea bargain if you don’t hire a civilian criminal defense attorney. The prosecutor knows that individuals fear a legal fee, will be likely to overestimate their own ability to handle a criminal case because they have been searching the internet and talking to people who […]

What Factors Should A Military Person Consider When Hiring A Defense Attorney?

Military service members facing civilian criminal charges require and deserve excellent criminal defense lawyers. This means the defense team should be closely supervised by a real criminal law specialist. Unfortunately too many uncertified defense attorneys with less than 20 years of experience are handling cases without supervision or worse, all by themselves without a legal […]

What Are The Common Types Of Military Cases That You Handle?

Generally speaking, historically, military service members have been as much as 80% of Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm’s caseload. That’s not the typical percentage which varies from month to month from around 20% to as high as 60%. One case closes, another case opens. Driving With Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level, traveling to meet a minor […]

How Should A Military Person Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are a few basic steps to consider when hiring an attorney. The first step is to eliminate all of the criminal defense lawyers who are not certified by the Florida Bar as specialists in a criminal law. As a consumer, you don’t know if an uncertified lawyer is just lazy, unable to pass the […]

What Has Your Experience Been In Handling Military Cases?

October 13, 2016 As the only certified specialist in the criminal law, according to the Florida Bar, Attorney Stephen Cobb has represented more military service members and veterans in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton Counties than any other certified criminal law specialist. This includes the defense of the largest mass murder case which went […]

How Is Possession, Sale, And Distribution Defined In Florida?

How Would Possession, Sale, And Distribution Be Defined In Florida? Does That Depend On The Amount Or The Type Of Drug? As for possession, that is something that runs into trouble for people quite frequently in our state. The Florida Standard Jury Instructions gives the guidelines one needs to know how to distinguish direct possession […]


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