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Criminal Lawyers: Trying To Help Clients Minimize Jail Time

Florida criminal lawyers work hard every day to guide their clients not only through the arrest, booking and bonding process, but through the courts and sentencing process as well. When a client is arrested, his first move should be to call a lawyer as afforded by his Miranda rights. All clients should keep in mind […]

Gainesville Attorney: Explaining Failure To Appear

Whenever you are arrested, you are either held until you go to trial or are bonded out to await that trial. In some cases you can just pay the bond amount, or a portion of it, yourself and be released on your own recognizance or have a bondsman post your bond for you. In any […]

Florida Law And Computer Based Crimes

The world, for many of us, is based and focused on the little square boxes on our desks, our counters or perched precariously on our laps. We even have telephones now that let us stay connected to the internet while we are away from our computers so we do not miss a single Tweet, Face […]

Gearing Up For Florida Law Changes

The one thing that most people must get perfectly clear is that the law is an ever-changing thing. Laws change to suit the times, the new definitions of different aspects of laws and other factors. Being able to address all of those changes and keep ahead of them is the job of the attorney that […]


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