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Criminal Law Cases | Cobb Law Firm


“Domestic Violence, DUI, felony – has Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm handled criminal law cases like mine?” The answer is yes, and there are so many cases over the years, that this results section no longer being updated with new cases – as it is, we had to pick and choose.

No criminal defense lawyer can guarantee a particular result. Each case is different. Past success is no indicator of what will happen in your case.

NOTE:  Due To A Recent Ruling By The Florida Supreme Court, We No Longer Can Show The Successful Results Of Our Cases.

Case Number 05-MMC-1936: One count of Domestic Violence (Battery).

Case Numbers 07-CT-436 & 06-MM-650 Violation of Driver’s License Restriction and Violation of Probation (DUI):On probation for a Florida DUI, when involved in a business related driving accident. Charged – erroneously and unlawfully – with driving in violation of restricted post-DUI license.

Case Number 02-CT-294-S DUI (Breath Test Refusal ):