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Things You Might Not Know About Florida Domestic Violence Cases

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a month devoted to raising awareness about the existence and pervasiveness of domestic abuse and domestic violence in Okaloosa County and throughout the country. Domestic violence, as well its signs and the methods by which it is or should be punished, are often misunderstood. These misconceptions and misunderstandings are especially prevalent amongst those who find themselves charged with a domestic violence offense in Florida for the first time. In light of the above, some of the most common misconceptions about Fort Walton Beach, Florida domestic violence cases include: Myth: I can be charged in… Read More

Okaloosa County DUI Charges are Possible, Even for Drivers of Golf Carts

A Lady Lake, Florida man was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. When you think of a DUI investigation in Fort Walton Beach or in Destin, you probably envision police pulling over someone who is driving a car erratically or a person who is endangering the public by driving a large commercial truck or bus while intoxicated. Golf carts, bicycles, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) do not fit the popular image of a DUI. Nevertheless, the Lady Lake police officers in this case arrested the man based on their suspicion that he was driving a… Read More

Top 5 Ways You Can Injure Your Legal Rights in an Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

When you have been charged with committing a domestic violence offense in Fort Walton Beach or Destin, you can expose yourself to serious legal problems and harm your case’s chances of success if you make poor decisions along the way. Not only can some of these decisions increase your likelihood of a conviction, but some of them can lead to other charges as well. An experienced Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer’s advice is invaluable when you are charged with a domestic violence offense, as he or she can often either prevent you from committing any of the below-mentioned mistakes… Read More

Fort Walton Beach DUI Can Cost You More than Just Your Money

The Associated Press is reporting that Judge Lynn Rosenthal of Broward County, Florida has resigned her position following her arrest for DUI in May 2014. On May 27, 2014, a DUI investigation involving Judge Rosenthal was initiated after she hit a parked police vehicle and crashed into a parking lot gate. She would later resolve her case through a plea to an amended charge of reckless driving. Judge Rosenthal maintained that she had been given an incorrect dose of a sleeping aid. She agreed initially to a 90-day suspension without pay from her job for the DUI arrest, but the… Read More

Common Defense Strategies to Fort Walton Beach DUI Charges

An old maxim contends that the “best defense is a good offense.” This saying is certainly true in the context of Florida DUI charges. Although some may tempted to simply wait until the government prosecutors prove their case and hope that they are unable to do so, you can often experience much better results if you and your Fort Walton Beach DUI defense attorney formulate and follow an aggressive defense strategy. The precise strategy that will be utilized in your case will depend (of course) on the unique facts and circumstances present that led to your DUI arrest and charge.… Read More

Can My Spouse Get My Domestic Violence Case Dismissed?

You were arrested a few days ago after you and your spouse had a disagreement and the police were called. Now you are charged with domestic battery or another domestic-violence related offense in Okaloosa County. You may already have experienced some of the ramifications of being charged with a domestic violence offense. Specifically, you may have already: Spent time in jail until you were either released on your own recognizance or posted a bond; Missed time from work because you were in custody; Needed to find a new place to reside temporarily due to a no-contact order with your spouse;… Read More

The Five Best Tips to Represent Yourself in Criminal Court

You’ve already heard some version of this: A person who acts as their own lawyer, has a fool for a client. Yet day after day, people accused of misdemeanors and felonies will go into court without a lawyer for one or more reasons: They want to avoid legal fees They do not think that the consequences will be that bad The Internet has convinced them they can handle their criminal case They do not believe a lawyer can help them The Public Defender is too overwhelmed with cases to help them They have a job of some kind and do… Read More

Personal Injury From Car Accident Involving A Drunk Driver

This article shares some great advice from car accident lawyers at Cantor Crane regarding injuries caused by drunk drivers. DUI laws around the country have made it easier for victims of a drunk driving accidents to seek compensation they deserve. Nonetheless, there are still exceptions to who is responsible for a financial claim in such cases. Some laws hold the person who gave alcohol to an impaired driver liable for any damages that occur. Dram Shop Laws Dram shop laws allow liability in cases where a drunk driver received alcohol from another person. This law is named after “dram shop”… Read More

Brain Injuries Associated With Car Accidents

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix personal injury lawyer, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane with respect to brain injuries caused by car accidents.  One of the leading causes of brain injuries are car accidents. The violent jerking that occurs upon impact, or blows to the head during the event, can lead to a brain injury. Sadly, many people do not realize at first that they have succumbed to a brain injury and the injury goes untreated. What is even more devastating is that many emergency rooms often overlook the potential for brain injuries when they are examining a… Read More

Why Can’t I See My Own Doctor If I Am Injured On The Job?

If you got injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive workers compensation through the workers compensation program issued by the state. To start the process, simply speak to a workers compensation attorney and learn about your rights and what can be done in your case, as well if you are eligible to file for work comp or not. But, every attorney will tell you that the most important thing you should do after sustaining the injury is visiting the doctor’s office. Pre-Designate A Doctor Getting well should be your number one priority. However, the situation can get… Read More