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Your Clients Need Digital Erasure Now More Than Ever

You did a great job and your client’s case was dismissed. You promptly followed through with a record expunction. However, there is one collateral consequence where you are probably failing your client: Digital Erasure. “EraseMugshots.com has announced that they have created a new privacy solution that enables people to remove…Read more

Attorney Cobb Got Featured In NWF Daily News

Attorney Stephen Cobb got coverage in the local newspaper, which covered the book that has an entire chapter dedicated to the Cobb Law Firm and its use of SPECT brain imaging in criminal cases. You can read more on it by going to the link below. News Source: www.NWFDailynews.com

Every Single Military Client Sent For Brain Imaging As Part Of Their Defense Strategy Since 2005 Has Shown Brain Abnormalities

Every single military client sent for brain imaging as part of their defense strategy since 2005 has shown brain abnormalities. As a specialist in criminal law, I trained to fight cases the traditional way. Aggressive pleadings. Attacks on the evidence to make it inadmissible. Advanced motion practice beyond what uncertified…Read more

Attorney Stephen Cobb’s Views On Clemency Granted To Chelsea Manning

Executive clemency is rarely granted on the state or federal level. The Chelsea Manning case has received widespread media attention, but clemency is available on the state level for non-federal, state crimes. In Florida, there are eight (8) types of clemency ranging from a full pardon to a restoration of…Read more

Handling a Walton County Minor In Possession (MIP) Charge The Hard Way

Why would anyone get arrested and then handle their criminal case the hardest way possible, dong the things most likely to cause increased suffering? They wouldn’t. Unless they did not know any better. The MIP Do It Yourselfers Mistake #1: Ignorance of basic and local criminal procedure After release, the…Read more

Common Mistakes Made By Walton County MIP First Offenders

There are two mistakes first offenders routinely make in Minor In Possession of Alcohol cases in Walton County: self representation and parental interference. Let’s take them in reverse order since parental/family member interference is so common. Parental interference becomes a problem the moment a negative phrase such as “that isn’t…Read more

Arrested For Walton County MIP: Do I Need a Defense Attorney If I’m Guilty?

The short answer is yes, and not just a warm body with a law degree. Given the sneaky, life altering pitfalls of this type of charge, hiring a specialist will save you upset, time and money many times over. A criminal defense specialist can usually handle your entire case without…Read more

Did You Know That It Is Illegal To Use a Firearm While Impaired In Florida?

Florida criminal law1 provides that it is illegal to use a firearm while you are under the influence of alcohol, chemical substances, or drugs to the point that your normal abilities are impaired. This bit of news actually upset some friends and family when I let them know about it….Read more

Florida Criminal Law: Burglary Of a Structure, Conveyance, Vehicle, Or Dwelling

Under Florida burglary law, burglary charges are felonies that vary in degree based on the facts and circumstances of your case. If you are charged with entering a home, building or vehicle owned by another with the intent to commit a crime, you can be charged with burglary. Burglary is…Read more

Florida Criminal Law: Can It Really Be Illegal To Possess A Crowbar, Hacksaw, Or Even a Simple Screwdriver Because They Are “Burglary Tools”?

While Florida Burglary law1 punishes those who commit felony burglary offenses and trespass offenses with jail time and fines, Florida also criminalizes the possession of any tools used to commit a burglary or trespass. Under the law, if you possess any implement, tool, or machine with the intent to use…Read more
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