How Much Are Affordable DUI Attorney Payment Plans?

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

Affordable fees for DUI defense are very important, and payments are going to vary depending upon the type of DUI case. Of course, there are other factors that go into that determination, but generally someone can have payments as low as $150 or they can have payments that are higher depending upon the dynamics of their particular case. The key is to make sure that there are affordable legal fees when people are charged with a DUI, domestic violence, other misdemeanor or a felony. The way to do that is to give people more time to pay. A client that puts half of the legal fee down upfront, and then makes crushing payments in order to get the fee paid before the case closes is just not realistic these days.

This might have worked for Grandpa’s law firm in 1985 when they were handling criminal defense cases, but in the modern era, this just is not realistic. Instead, we send a hyperlink to each person that is has been charged with a crime to request a payment arrangement. They send out information and then from there, they have anywhere from twelve to sixty months to pay the loan off. Best of all, this particular system is designed for people with little credit, no credit or bad credit. Their credit score does not determine whether or not they qualify for a loan. Once we send the link and someone fills out the appropriate information regarding the legal fee, it literally takes seconds before they are approved. Finally, a key consideration is this.

Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm has the only board certified specialist in criminal trial law within the local area. If you were to put a pin in the head office, and then take a piece of string and run it out over forty miles in all directions, you would find out I am the only private attorney who is certified as a specialist in criminal law. Certification as a specialist in criminal law makes a difference. Just the other day, on a possession with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school case, I had the occasion to tell opposing counsel that if he did not dismiss the charge, we would have a five day jury trial. Since his mother is actually a prosecutor in another county, and his boss went through the last five-day jury trial I had in that particular county, he went to ask them if I was kidding. This case should take only one or two days, would actually take five. I was not a part of that conversation, but I am sure they told him that I was not kidding.

Mind you, this is a case that common sense would tell you should have been voluntarily dismissed by the state, because they sent the drugs off to Florida State Law Enforcement lab, and when the lab report came back, it was negative for the presence of drugs. Nevertheless, the state attorney’s office did not want to let the case go, because it looks bad for them politically. This threatened all kinds of things with amending the charging document with different charges, but my client would not take a deal. It was not in my client’s best interest to take a deal. Therefore, I looked that assistant state’s attorney in the eye, and I said, go talk to your boss, and go talk to your Mom. Apparently he did, because a few days later, the charges were dismissed.

When a law firm has cases coming out of the lawyer’s ears, you do not have the time for a five-day jury trial. You do not have the time to protect someone’s life, but when you do have the time, because you are not shaking small payments, and then you are able to be more effective. With this particular non-traditional financing, criminal and DUI defense cases, it is good for the lawyer, good for the law firm, and it is the best deal out there for the criminal or DUI defendant.

Are There Payment Plans For Affordable DUI Lawyers In Fort Walton Beach, Florida?

There are affordable fee payment plans for people charged with DUI misdemeanor, and felony offenses in the Fort Walton Beach area. This area also includes Destin, Niceville, Okaloosa, Crestview, South Walton County like Milton, and Holly in Santa Rosa County. The geography is broad. There are two ways to do payment plans in criminal defense and DUI defense cases. Method number one is to require the client to put fifty percent down, and then pay the entire fee off in a very short time, such as in ninety days. The reason that lawyers and law firms do this is because if they do not get their fee in full before the case closes, in most cases, they will never get it.

For the consumer, this is a very bad deal, because they have to make crushing monthly payments and a lot of them find out the hard way that they cannot afford these payments, especially if they lose their lawyer, and they start go to court by themselves. Method two is the way we do it. At Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm, we simply send people a hyperlink so that they have access to various different lending sources of a non-traditional nature. Traditional lenders such as those who provide loans for houses, credit cards, or revolving credit use a FICA score, and very strict guidelines that were not in place before the great recession.

As a result, people with no credit, little credit, or bad credit are usually left out and cannot get traditional financing. However, non-traditional finance lenders operate differently. They are looking for different things and they allow a much different set of circumstances. Certain factors go into their decision-making rather than just the cold credit score. As a result, people who normally get turned away can get full funding of their criminal or DUI defense case in a matter of seconds. We simply send a hyperlink, a person adds some information into it, they hit basically the okay or send button and within under half a minute they have an approval or not. Most people are approved; however, the reality is that some people will not. Those that are approved, which is most, can then arrange to have their cases resolved while making small payments ranging from one to five years.

If we think that we can do something to help someone to the point that they are not going to be in jail or in prison, then we are going to send that hyperlink. I have been in criminal defense law exclusively since July 2nd of 1990, and was certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in this field in August 2002. Basically, as an expert in this field, when I recommend somebody for this particular program that has a little bit of an impact. We want to use every aspect possible from psychology, finance to traditional defense to the mitigation of sentencing, in order to help people make their legal fees affordable.

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

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