Are There Any Lawyers With Payment Plans For The Military In Fort Walton Beach, Niceville Or Destin, Florida?

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

Military service members who are on active duty at Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, Whiting Field, Pensacola Naval Air Station, and the Fort Duke Field automatically qualify for payment plans. These payment plans are very simple to set up and very easy to arrange. We simply send a hyperlink to someone, they fill out information, then they get the money directly paid to them from a third party lender, and then, they in turn can pay us. Payments can be very low or very high depending upon someone’s needs. This program was originally set up for people who have poor or no credit. However, we find that military members needing legal defense are using it more frequently, simply because it is very easy to use, and it is cost-competitive with what someone would pay on a credit card.

For someone who does not have a credit, or another credit service available, this type of program is very easy to use, very simple to use and it allows them to have the peace of mind in knowing that they are not going to walk into a courtroom, and be ambushed on the very first court date. We call that ambush effect the courthouse surprise. One of the smartest things someone can do when they are looking for a lawyer in Okaloosa County, Destin, Fort Walton Beach or Niceville, Florida is to touch base with us at We can send a hyperlink after doing a case evaluation, and since most people qualify, it is a very easy process, which takes a lot of stress off someone’s mind.

When someone has been arrested and they are being prosecuted for any type of criminal offense whether criminal, traffic, misdemeanor, or a felony, it is an extremely stressful process. This particular program enables people to have a whole lot less stress because the fees are affordable, and they can make monthly payments based upon their incomes, and what works for them.

Do Local Criminal Defense Attorneys Offer Payment Plans And Affordable Fees In Fort Walton, Destin or Niceville, Florida?

The first thing that many people will do whether they are in Niceville, Destin or Fort Walton Beach Florida, is they will google, find a criminal defense attorney in Destin, FL. Then they are going to start googling a series of questions related to the crime. How much do criminal defense attorney in Destin, FL cost? How much do DUI lawyers cost? Then it is going to quickly turn into are there any criminal lawyers or DUI lawyers that take payment plans? The answer to this question is yes, we take payment plans, and it is a very simple process. It is good for the consumer because payments can be as low as $150 a month. Of course, they can also elect to pay more if they wish, because some people prefer to get payments out of the way quickly, while others have different financial needs.

We cannot only use a number of different legal pleadings to keep them out of court for most or all of their case, we can also set their case up, so it is affordable with specific loans available to people that are high, in my opinion. Very few criminal defense cases are going to cost anywhere near $40,000. What this does for the lawyer, and our firm is it prevents me from having to juggle a high number of cases. Therefore, someone can just give us a call. We offer a free case evaluation after asking some preliminary questions, so I know what I am talking about when we do meet. From there what happens is a second link is sent once the fee is quoted.

They click on the link; they then answer a few more questions about their job, business, and income from whatever resources. From there, approval literally takes seconds. They receive the money, they forward it to us, and we get started on the case right away. In criminal law and DUI defense, a delay is dangerous. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we get to work on this case, the more likely it is that we are going to be able to protect someone’s driver’s license and help him or she establish a hardship license. We need to get it moving quickly enough so that we can start defending without having a time problem because everything happens in the legal system on a failsafe.

What do I mean by time-problems? If someone waits, and gathers funds for legal services, by the time they get all their money together for a large flat fee, it is too late to do many things that can actually help. The sooner that someone hires a lawyer, the better. I just happen to be the only certified specialist in criminal defense law in Destin, FL. A consumer knows that they are getting the best possible representation because we have the best criminal, and DUI defense systems available, and they do not have to stress about money at the same time.

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

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