Are There Any Cheap DUI Lawyers In Fort Walton Beach, Destin Or Niceville That Take Payments?

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

Yes, there are discounted attorneys DUI mills all over Florida. What is a DUI mill? A DUI mill is a law firm that exists primarily to make money by charging low fees and delivering very little service. When people are looking and googling for cheap DUI lawyers, what they do not realize is that the business model of that particular law firm is to provide as little legal service as possible in order to maximize profit, by offering what looks like a good deal. In reality, it is a very bad deal for the consumer. When someone as a criminal defense attorney in Destin, FL goes into a criminal or a DUI case, they have to do a proper evaluation, and some cases take more time than others do. If the fee is too low, then what happens is that law firm starts taking on more cases than it can handle, or on the other hand, they have another option.

That option is to reduce the amount of effort they put into a client’s case. Imagine if you are looking for a cheap DUI lawyer when doing a search, and then find out three to six months later that what appeared to be a good deal was a terrible deal instead. People become very upset over this, and for good reason. DUI defense and criminal lawyer’s fees need to be affordable. Affordable fees are a growing trend within the field of criminal law. The way we are taking payments presents all of the downsides and has many upsides for the legal consumer. They do not need to have perfect credit, and they can get loans of up to $40,000. They can pay it back over the course of a year, or back over five years.

Not everybody gets approved. That would be unrealistic. However, one key difference between traditional financing and this type of financing is this type of financing is done with first offenders and criminal defendants specifically in mind. They can get prime credit with a much lower FICA score, the score that is used to determine someone’s credit worthiness. They also make interest payments as down and as low as four percent. Again, not everybody is going to qualify, and not everybody is going to get a four percent interest rate, but they will know quickly once we send them that hyperlink. Within seconds, they will have an easy pain free processing that will determine how much they can get, what their payments will be, and these payments can be as low as $150 a month.

Giving people alternative options for paying their legal fees, whether they decide they want to pay a full fee upfront, or they want to break it up over time into payments, from a client’s perspective gives them more choices. It is also a good deal because the sooner an experienced criminal defense attorney in Destin, FL gets involved in a DUI case, the better. Time is not on your side when it comes to handling the case matter. The legal system is filled with the hurry up and late. The problem is when lawyers try to do payment plans the old fashioned way like they did in 1985, the reality is someone is going to have to pay a significant down payment upfront, and then they are going to have to pay the balance due within sixty to ninety days with crushing payments that they simply cannot afford.

If they do not make the payments then the law firm will close the file, and that person is left on their own. There is nothing more dangerous for a criminal, or a DUI defendant than to go to court all by himself or herself on the mercy of the court. There is no such thing as the mercy of the court. What happens instead is that the prosecutor looks, and realizes that they do not have a skilled top lawyer by their side, and as a result, that person has a high degree of risk for getting jail time that they would not otherwise have. This is a good deal for the consumer, and it is an extremely good deal as well for the entire process, because it enables the lawyer to be paid within seventy-two hours, and it enables the lawyer not to be asking himself or herself if that person paid every time the phone rings.

I consider this the most important thing. It prevents cases from falling out of lawyer’s ears. I cannot over-emphasize this aspect. When criminal defense lawyers have cases falling out of their ears, they simply do not have the time to give proper service when needed the most. When someone has been arrested and prosecuted by the government, they need a lawyer quickly that can spring into action without a lot of delay over payment issues.

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments.

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