How Can An Attorney Help In DUI Cases?

How Often Can Attorneys Have DUI Charges Either Dropped, Get Alternative Punishments Or Punishments Reduced?

This is an odds and percentages question that people always want to ask. People want certainty. The attorney has to be upfront with the client: It doesn’t matter how often an attorney can get the charges dropped or reduced or substituted. If an attorney wins or loses ten DUI cases in a row, it has absolutely no bearing on the very next DUI case he handles. What matters is whether the defense lawyer can get such results in your case, not cases with different fact patterns.

Ethics consists of a large portion of the specialization process for criminal trial law. Generally, lawyers should not be over-promising and under-delivering. Lawyers cannot make promises about an outcome in a particular case. However, clients want those assurances and this makes them vulnerable to the “I can file a motion!” sales pitches. They want to hear that everything is going to be okay, that they are not going to jail. They want to know that their attorney can find some type of defense. It would be very dishonest to give them a hint saying, “Oh, yes, you know. I win lots of these cases” and do a sales pitch for a free initial consultation . People need to know the truth: your lawyer will not know what defenses or mitigation factors you have until after receiving a Rule 3.220(b) Discovery Exhibit and a client’s account of what happened. That’s just how it is.

The purpose of a free initial consultation is not a sales pitch. The purpose should be an accurate and effective educational session providing the client with real value. Each case and each person is different from every other one. There is no usefulness to asking how often the attorney can get charges dropped, dismissed, substituted or acquittals, simply because everyone’s case is different.

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