Fort Walton Beach DUI Can Cost You More Than Just Your Money

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The Associated Press is reporting that Judge Lynn Rosenthal of Broward County, Florida has resigned her position following her arrest for DUI in May 2014. On May 27, 2014, a DUI investigation involving Judge Rosenthal was initiated after she hit a parked police vehicle and crashed into a parking lot gate. She would later resolve her case through a plea to an amended charge of reckless driving. Judge Rosenthal maintained that she had been given an incorrect dose of a sleeping aid. She agreed initially to a 90-day suspension without pay from her job for the DUI arrest, but the Florida Supreme Court wanted to conduct a full hearing on the matter. Judge Rosenthal’s last day on the bench will be October 31, 2015.

The Lesson of Judge Rosenthal’s Experience 

Judge Rosenthal’s experience is an example of a sobering truth regarding Okaloosa County DUI charges: even a DUI arrest or allegations thereof can end up costing you more than just a few hundred dollars. DUI charges in Fort Walton Beach or elsewhere in Florida are replete with serious consequences, such as the loss of your freedom and your livelihood. That is why one of the chief concerns of a Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer is minimizing or eliminating as many of the negative consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction as possible.

Consequences of a Fort Walton Beach DUI Arrest or Conviction

Think about all the ways in which a Florida DUI arrest and/or conviction can impact your life and routine:

  • Loss of freedom: Okaloosa County law enforcement or other law enforcement agencies will likely place you under arrest if you are suspected of driving under the influence. You may be held in custody until you are able to post bond. During the time you are in custody, your will obviously be limited in your ability to travel where you wish to go and visit with whom you desire. A DUI conviction can result in additional imprisonment.
  • Loss of money: Even if you are not convicted of DUI (which itself can result in fines of $250 or more), posting bond itself may cost you hundreds of dollars. If you are in custody for a few days, you will also lose money by not being able to work. If you are convicted of DUI, expect to pay thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, and administrative and probation fees. Your insurance rates are very likely to increase as well and (if you are convicted of a second or subsequent DUI) you will be responsible for installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle(s). Some employers may even fire you if you are convicted of DUI.
  • Loss of driving privileges: When most people consider the penalties of a DUI conviction, they focus on the fines and potential jail time involved. But a DUI conviction can also result in mandatory periods of license revocation during which times you will be unable to drive. This can impact your ability to get to and from work or complete your job duties (if your job requires you to drive, for example).
  • Other consequences of a DUI conviction: Beyond these consequences, a DUI conviction can cause you significant worry and stress and loss of reputation or esteem at work or in your community.

Retain the Services of an Experienced Fort Walton Beach Criminal Defense Attorney 

The best way to avoid or minimize these consequences of a DUI arrest or conviction is to retain an aggressive and dedicated Fort Walton Beach DUI defense attorney. Stephen G. Cobb is has over twenty years’ experience defending residents of Okaloosa County and throughout Florida charged with DUI and related offenses. Contact the Fort Walton Beach criminal defense law office of Stephen G. Cobb at (850) 669-5882 right away after being charged with DUI in order to protect your job, your finances, and your freedom.

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