Tampa Public Nuisance

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Discussing Public Nuisances

There are a lot of rules to abide by when you are a home or property owner. If you live in an exclusive neighborhood or area, there will be additional rules and guidelines for how your home and yard are kept. Most people understand that they must keep their yard mown, and the trash picked up around their home. They know that they cannot just dump old appliances out the door and leave them there, but occasionally there are lapses in judgment that requires legal intervention.

If you are the owner of a property and have issues with your renter then you should be aware that you may be in violation of the public nuisance laws as well. (Ultimately it is the owner of the property who may be held directly responsible for what is going on.) If you find that you are being charged with violations of the public nuisance laws, your first call should be to a Florida defense attorney to protect your assets and then to make every effort to clean up or stop the nuisance.

Nuisance laws are varied and include, building a bonfire, animals suffering from pests and disease, disposal of dead animals, abandoned or derelict vessels, discarded or abandoned appliances, etc. (Freezers, washers or dryers, refrigerators and other similar items can be called an “attractive nuisance” because they can be a lure for young children to play in. Because they are so dangerous, all such items must have the door securely locked shut or removed entirely, before being properly disposed of). Other common nuisances that may be addressed by laws in different areas include swimming pools and trampolines.

Tampa defense attorneys must defend against public nuisance charges nearly every day and know how to best help their clients avoid huge fines or even worse, criminal charges. (A public nuisance case may become criminal if it is determined to be willful, extreme or so offensive to the public sensibility that it demands sanctions). If you are a property owner and know that these conditions are going on at your property you must take steps to protect yourself, including having Tampa defense attorneys begin eviction proceedings, filing papers in court to compel the tenants to clean up the property so that you can distance yourself from what is happening.