Filing an Injunction for Protection

Nobody ever deserves to be hit or treated cruelly, especially by the ones they love. While everyone would probably agree that that is true, it is not always the way things actually are. There are many reasons that domestic or stranger violence occurs and when it becomes a regular problem, when it is happening with alarming frequency, it is time to file for an injunction for protection. The process can be confusing, and scary on top of what is already going on in your life, so it might be a good idea to call an attorney to help you guide through the process.

A Florida criminal law attorney can not only advise you of your rights but also guide you to which court would best serve your purposes in this matter. An injunction for protection can be filed in either criminal or civil court depending on what the exact situation is and who is involved. There are four types of the injunction of protection including:

  • An injunction against domestic violence
  • Against repeated violence (not domestic violence)
  • Against dating violence
  • Against sexual violence

The Kissimmee defense attorney will listen to your case and tell you what you might need to bring with you to court to file your injunction. This can include all documentation of the events that have led you to believe that you need this protection from the court, any medical or police reports and any photographic evidence that you might have.

In the case of an injunction for protection against repeated violence there must be two unrelated incidents and one of them must be within six months of the time that you have filed for the order. Because this particular injunction is filed against people who are not known to you in some way (for example someone who would qualify under domestic violence) you must be sure to carefully document every contact, every threat and every act of violence. And your Florida criminal defense lawyer will assist you in every way.

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