Defuniak Springs, Florida Courthouse

DeFuniak Springs, Sandestin, and all Florida state criminal law cases originating in Walton County, Florida

The courthouse for your Walton County case is located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. As noted elsewhere, all federal criminal cases are handled in federal courthouses, such as the district court in Pensacola, Florida. The criminal defense lawyers and attorneys at our firm only practice state criminal law and are much more familiar with the local state courts, which constitute the bulk of criminal cases in Florida. The Walton County Jail is located about one mile from the DeFuniak Springs, Florida, courthouse. NOTE: The jail has moved and is no longer located next to the courthouse.

If the arrest or incident which led to your Florida state criminal law case took place in Walton County, then you will have arraignment court (formal charging) and all other criminal law proceedings, including litigation, at the DeFuniak Springs courthouse located downtown. This courthouse was recently expanded and updated to become a secure judicial facility. Lawyers and attorneys are provided with special forms of identification that allow them to bypass long lines and expedite the security check process.

The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm routinely handles Walton County criminal cases, both misdemeanor and felony. Many of their clients are not from the local area, so they will use technology and creative motions and procedures to reduce the burden of multiple court appearances. This prevents the need for several hours’ worth of driving, the cost of airfare and other travel expenses, as well as the obligation to spend time away from family and work.

For both misdemeanor and felony cases, many court appearances will involve lots of sitting around and waiting and only about 30 seconds’ worth of your attorney speaking. You will then be given another court date, and it will feel as though nothing was accomplished. Understandably, many people find this both hard to believe and frustrating. After practicing criminal law for well over a decade and a half in DeFuniak Springs and other counties throughout Florida, the criminal defense attorneys at Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm expect this burdensome waste of time. As one judge summed it up several years ago, “That’s just how it is down here.”

Whenever possible, the defense attorneys at Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm will shoulder this burden and appear and/or speak on your behalf in order to limit the inconvenience you experience during the process of your criminal case in DeFuniak Springs, FL. When it is time for you to appear in court, they will inform you of where you need to appear, when you need to appear, what to wear, and what or what not to say.

Preparing for a Court Appearance in DeFuniak Springs, FL

When preparing for any type of court appearance for a criminal charge, an experienced defense attorney is going to be your best resource. You should feel comfortable taking all of your questions and concerns to them before your day in court in order to ensure that you understand the process, the nature of the charges being brought against you, what is expected of you, as well as what to expect from the other side.

The weeks and days leading up to a court appearance for a criminal charge can be nerve-wracking and create a persistent sense of uneasiness. These emotions might compel you to seek refuge with friends and family members or through social media platforms by sharing your thoughts and details about your case; it is highly advised that you avoid this, as anything said to another individual or posted online could be tracked down by the prosecution and used against you in court. Instead, take your concerns to a defense attorney like Mr. Cobb, who will provide you and your case with his undivided attention and give you the advice you need to hear. Having represented thousands of individuals facing criminal cases in DeFuniak Springs and other counties throughout Florida, he understands the physical and emotional toll it can take and will work to alleviate it to the best of his ability.

If you are still deciding whether or not you should testify in court, your attorney will be able to discuss the pros and cons of doing so and tell you what they believe to be the best choice. However, the final decision will ultimately be yours to make. If you choose to testify, you should practice answering questions with your attorney until you feel comfortable and confident doing so.

Your attorney will advise you on courtroom etiquette, including what to wear. Although it may not seem fair, it is true that the jury and judge will formulate assumptions and judgements on the basis of your appearance. When the cards already seem stacked against a defendant who is facing a criminal charge, the last thing they need is to be further criminalized by unfounded assumptions based on something which has absolutely no bearing on their guilt or innocence. With over a decade’s worth of experience taking cases to trial, the criminal defense attorneys at Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm will ensure that this—and other courthouse etiquette transgressions—do not occur and therefore do not negatively impact their clients’ cases.

What to Keep in Mind on Your Day in the DeFuniak Springs, FL Courthouse

Rather than focusing on what could potentially happen in court, try to remain focused on honestly and confidently providing your account of what occurred. If you are being cross-examined, it may feel as though the prosecutor is attacking you, but it is crucial that you remain calm, collected, and concise in your responses. The jurors and judge will be carefully watching every move you make—which is something that could make or break your case.

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