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Walton County Jail | Walton County Jail Inmate Lookup


Located in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, the Walton County Jail is also known as the Walton County Department of Corrections. Like most of Florida's jails, the facility is normally filled over their custodial capacity. The jail has grown, and modernized over the years, and of all of the counties in the First Judicial Circuit, Walton County, FL, has made the most progress with modernizing all judicial and law enforcement facilities, due to rising population, and popularity.

This doesn't make it much better if you or someone you love is an inmate. Like most Florida jails, the Walton County jail charges inmates for their housing, with a "subsistence fee." This is simply a fancy way of saying "tax" on a population no one cares about. Politically, it is popular; practically, the practice of finding reasons to arrest people - especially tourists - has damaged the local economy.

The jail facility is used for several purposes:

* The Walton County, FL, Jail will hold inmates who have been unable to make bond in Walton County felony and misdemeanor cases and are awaiting disposition of their charges in county or circuit court.
* The Walton County, FL, Jail is used to incarcerate inmates sentenced in misdemeanor cases for up to one year.
* The Walton County, FL, Jail is used to incarcerate inmates sentenced in felony cases , where the inmate is awaiting  transportation to a Florida state prison facility.
* The Walton County, FL,  Jail is used to hold inmates awaiting transfer to Immigration and Naturalization facilities, federal facilities, inpatient mental health facilities and for other purposes.

The Walton County Jail has specific policies concerning visitation, phone calls, and other matters relating to defendants and inmates being held there. For visitation, and any other matters concerning the Walton County Jail, call (850) 892-8186 or (850) 892-8199. The jail is administered by the Walton County Sheriff's Office.

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