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Do you need to find just any Destin attorney or do you want a Destin criminal defense lawyer who is a specialist in criminal trial law? Destin criminal defense attorney Stephen G. Cobb is a Florida Bar Association certified criminal trial law specialist. What does Board Certification mean? “Board Certification is the highest level of recognition by the Florida Bar.” Learn about Florida criminal law, cases we have handled in the past (representative cases), and learn more about how Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen G. Cobb builds high quality legal defense teams.

Okaloosa County Courthouses:

Crestview Courthouse Information       Shalimar Courthouse Information


Destin criminal defense attorney Stephen G. Cobb can often be found at the two Okaloosa County courthouses located in Crestview and Shalimar, Florida.

Our main office is just minutes from the heart of Destin on Okaloosa Island. The first step in the process will be to speak with Mr. Cobb’s assistant, Janice Richardson. Mrs. Richardson will gather information about you and your case for Mr. Cobb to review. A five to six page report will be produced before you speak to Mr. Cobb over the phone or in person at our Okaloosa Island office. The entire process for an initial consultation takes about two hours. There is no charge to speak with Mr. Cobb for an initial consultation.

We realize that many criminal defense lawyers use a “quickie” fifteen to thirty minute initial consultation. However, Stephen G. Cobb has handled thousands of criminal cases and has learned that there are exactly two ways to handle a criminal case: The correct way and every wrong way imaginable. Taking enough time to speak with you is important.

We will take the time to educate you about the legal process. You certainly have questions, sometimes so many that they may seem to all run together and cause a lot of stress. By taking the time to educate you about how the legal process unfolds and by creating a preliminary game plan, you (and if you wish, your family) will find the stress reduced and the process more bearable.

No criminal defense lawyer can guarantee a win. We can guarantee to use our best professional skill to help you, and we can make sure that you are fully informed throughout the legal process.

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