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Is your brain at fault?

Attorney Stephen G. Cobb determines if an unhealthy brain is causing criminal acts

Stephen G. Cobb Local attorney Stephen G. Cobb is the first lawyer in the nation to routinely use SPECT Brain Imaging to diagnose, treat and prevent crime from reoccurring.

You or someone you love is in trouble. For whatever reason, you or your loved one is at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and accused of being on the wrong side of the law. Worse, it has happened before.

There is a solution to the problem of crime itself, and pioneering local lawyer Stephen G. Cobb might just have the answer.

As one of the few lawyers certified by the Florida Bar Association as a Criminal Law Expert, Cobb has also studied both the psychology and psychiatry of criminal behavior for almost two decades. He firmly believes the solution to the problem of crime lies within the human mind.

"The first time I saw a criminal defendant's brain scan, I was astounded," Cobb declares. "And after you've seen over one hundred sets of [criminal defendant] brain scans and every single one of them is an abnormal scan, you have to ask yourself if crime itself is really a medical problem."

Cobb quickly acknowledges that many people are innocent of some, or all of the things that they are charged with. But at the same time, he points out that "after someone comes in with their third DUI, obviously there is a problem, and the traditional court ordered counseling has utterly failed."

Using a revolutionary medical technology used for diagnosing and treating the cause of criminal behaviors, you can literally see why people get into criminal trouble. SPECT, Single Photon Emission Compound Tomography, allows neuroscientists to visually examine the human brain in states of rest and concentration to determine which parts of the brain work correctly and which parts do not.

The scans of Cobb's clients are compared to a large data base of healthy, normal brain scans in order to create a better diagnosis for what he calls the "patient/defendant." This diagnosis leads to a custom tailored treatment plan that is usually outpatient, and in the context of criminal law, used to create specific treatment conditions of community supervision.

Cobb also notes that the threat of jail is a highly effective motivator to encourage patient/defendants to comply with effective treatment despite the high failure rate of compliance with traditional, court ordered treatment plans. "The politicians have done a poor job of diagnosing individual patient/defendants with cookie cutter programs designed more to scare up votes for re-election rather than to actually solve the problem of crime and protect the public. It surprises no one that these programs have a terrible success rate when they use poor diagnostics and are dictated more by the whims of politicians instead of doctors and psychologists."

The public and the legal system is slowly beginning to understand that a more accurate diagnosis and effective, customized treatment programs are far more cost effective than routinely incarcerating the mentally ill. However, Cobb says we still have a long way to go.

"Some members of the public, politicians and the criminal justice system still find it easier to blame and get angry rather than to stop, think, and solve an important social problem," Cobb said. Yet tight budgets, calls for fiscal restraint, and the tremendous financial burden of incarceration may tip public opinion towards exploring this modern approach to criminal law. Floridians are paying over fifty ($50) for each inmate, each day, and often for crimes such as possession of marijuana, traffic offenses, and other crimes which are both foreseeable and preventable.

Attorney Stephen G. Cobb of can be reached toll at (866) 651-6565 or locally at (850) 477-6166. He is certified as a Criminal Trial Law Expert by the Florida Bar Association and the first criminal defense attorney in the United States to routinely use SPECT brain imaging to solve the problem of criminal behavior.

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